Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


26.05.21 Children developed their speaking and listening skills when they debated some of the issues in the story 'Lift' by Dan Santat such as 'Was Iris right to feel betrayed' and 'Is right to take something that has been thrown away'.

25.05.21 - Write Now Focus Week. Children plucked up the courage and entered through the doorway ... to find themselves in an Anderson Shelter in the middle of the Blitz!

24.05.21 The children discovered a mysterious door in the corner of the classroom. Where did it lead to?

w/c 24.05.21 - Write Now Focus Week

On Monday,  children read the whole school text 'Lift by Dan Santat. They identified themes in the story such as relationships and honesty. The compared the text to previous books they had read. After reading the text, they noticed something unusual in the corner of their classroom...

w/c 17.05.21 Geography - Rivers Topic

Children drew diagrams to show their understanding of erosion, transportation and deposition.

w/c 17.05.21 Geography - Rivers Topic