Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Owlcoates Elements - A sense of adventure. Y2 had a fantastic adventurous morning building dens on the field. We learnt how to work as a team and made actual tents and shelters from old army coats. The outcomes were fantastic.

Fire lighting - As paroot of our outrdoor learning focus week we spent time by the fire circle making fires. We learnt about fire safety and how we would build, start and feed a fire in the wild. we used flint and stone to light a spark and light the fire. We then toasted marshmallows on the open fire when they were built..

Art - Building on our Henri Matisse learning we were visited by a real artist who taught us abut printing. This was part of our Owlcotes Elements for an appriciation of Art. we worked with the artist to design a tile print and transfer this to a printing tile. We then used special printing ink and rollers to carefully put the paint on the tile and print onto material. We collborated by putting all of our tiles together onton one huge piece of art.

Henri Matisse - In art we have been srtudying the work of Henri Matise. We designed out own print design and printed onto paper from foil. We experimented with different amounts of paint and tools to make the pattern. Some of our designs were really effective.

Computing - In computing we have been learning how to represent Data in a pictiogram. Children used a program to represent our classes favourite fruits and pets.

International day of dance. Y2 took part in international day of Dance. We leanrt a whole routine in an African style. The children were really commited and the final performance was brilliant!

Coronation celebrations - we have had a lovely afternoon carrying out different activities to celebrate the Kings coronation. We have made collage plaques, had a party, made bookmarks, drawn crowns and had fun at the photo booth!

Science - We have been looking at baby animals. We had the opportunity to stroke and hold some of the baby chicks that we currently have in Reception.

PSHE - In PSHE we have been looking at how to look after our teeth. We carried out an investigation to see what different drinks do to our teeth. We looked at water, coke and double concentrated juice.

Science - We have started our new topic of animals including humans. We started off with recapping our previous learning. Looking at the parts of our body and grouping animals.

Maths - We have been looking at fractions in maths and having been using concrete manipulatives to show how we use sharing between equal groups to find out 1 half, 1 quarter and 1 third.