Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


History- The Romans- The Royal Armouries Trip

This week year 4 visited the Royal Armouries, as part of their learning in History about The Romans. Children explored the museum, looking at different styles of body armour and weapons. In the afternoon, they had the chance to become Roman solders and listen to a story told by and Inceni warrior. Both children and staff had a fabulous day and continued to develop their learning about The Romans. 

Science- Sound

Year 4 are learning about Sound in Science. They conducted an investigation to see if the volume of our voice can be increased without shouting. They have created their own amplifiers to test this. Their results showed that the shape and length of the amplifier increased the volume without the need to shout. This was measured using a decibel monitor. 

Artist Study Jean Micheal Basquiat

Trip to Pudsey Park- Seed Gathering with the Park Rangers