Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Lunch Menus

The menu above outlines the school meal offering since school has reopened. Please be aware that this not the same menu choices as previously. Please look at this menu with your child and if you prefer to send a packed lunch on any particular day that is fine. 



Week 1 -  1/3/21, 22/3/21, 26/4/21, 17/5/21, 14/6/21, 5/7/21, 26/7/21

Week 2 - 8/3/21, 29/3/21, 3/5/21, 24/5/21, 21/6/21, 12/7/21

Week 3 - 22/2/21, 15/3/21, 19/4/21, 10/5/21, 7/6/21, 28/6/21, 19/7/21

School meals are highly recommended and there is always a choice. Salads and fresh fruit are provided each day for children to choose. 

Children can bring a packed lunch. Fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate should not be sent in a child’s packed lunch.

 In addition children can bring a bottle of water from home which can be refilled at school during the day.

Children can bring fruit or vegetables for morning break.

Is my child entitled to free meals?
To find out, you need to contact: Leeds Benefits Service, Dudley House Leeds.
Tel: 2477247.