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Literature Festival based on Lift by Dan Santat

We enjoyed creating and describing a rainforest setting




This morning, Y5 had a virtual session with Kate Pankhurst, who is a Leeds based Illustrator and Author. She explained how she became an illustrator & author and talked through what inspired her to write some of the different series of books she has had published. It was great for the children to hear that she had included some of the women in History, which they have studied this year, in her books. The session ended with Kate drawing Mae Jemison and the children doing their own version at the same time. Some of the children's examples were very impressive.

Space Camp Astronaut Training Evening

Children came back to school tonight to take part in their astronaut training and star gazing session. As part of this, the children took part in a range of activities which reflect those an astronaut might have to do. This included: reciting numbers forwards and backwards while doing step ups; reading Russian; trying to build cup towers; and sorting small items into colours and categories. The children also used an app 'Star Chart' to search the skies for stars, constellations and planets as well as looking through a telescope.

Year Five Space Camp Day

Today, Year 5 had an exciting start to their day. They began with a Mission to Mars using the Now

Press Play headsets and then got full marks in a quick quiz.

The following lesson was delivered via Google Meet where Maeve Quinn, who works at the University, shared her vast knowledge about the Solar system and beyond. The children then completed an activity inventing their own planet system and even completing an Exoplanet Tourist Guide.

Scientists researching about the Earth, Sun and Moon

Year 5 Cricket Sessions with England Cricketer!

Y5C Figurative poetry corner.

Finished replicas of 'Going West' 1934 by Jackson Pollock