Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

WC 7-12-20


Please aim to do one activity a day.

S - 

A - 

T - 

P - 

I - 

N - 

M - 

D - 


  • Continue playing the games previously provided to help you with rhyming, oral blending and initial sounds. 

  • Use your ‘Reading Eggs’ account to play fast phonics.  

  • Have a look, with a grown up, at the Letters and Sounds for Home and School Channel on youtube:

  • Recap some of the sounds we have learnt in school (using the above link), particularly if there are any you are finding tricky. 

  • Watch and listen to the ‘tricky word’ song to help you to remember them: 



Please click on the attachment below for activities linked to ‘one less’: 

Other maths activities you could do at home are:

  • Look for representations of the number 6 around your house. For example, 6 apples, 6 toys, 6 on the clock etc. You could draw pictures of the things you have found. 


Other areas of learning

Please see the picture below, ask your child to talk about the picture and tell a story. There are some suggestions of questions that you can ask.

Look at the photograph of Sid the Sloth in Australia (below). Write a list of all the things that you can see in the photograph. Don’t forget to use your phonics skills to do this. For example: if you can see some water and you can hear the sounds ‘w’ and ‘t’ for water, that is great and exactly what we would like you to do!

You could also:

  • Practice forming letters

  • Practice getting yourself dressed and undressed in preparation for PE

  • Find Australia on a map 

  • Use construction resources to build one of the landmarks that we have been looking at. Draw a picture of your model and label it. 

  • Think about the different places we have learnt about (Pudsey, Leeds, London and Australia). Choose your favourite and find out more about it.