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Computing at Primrose Hill


Technology is everywhere, and as children leave our school and head out into the world, technology will become a crucial part of their lives. Before leaving Primrose Hill we endeavour to model and educate our pupils to use technology effectively, responsibly and safely. We will do this through an ambitious computing curriculum that will provide opportunities for children to use technology in a creative way to support learning, conduct research and present learning in interesting and innovative ways.


Computing will be taught through 4 consistent units using the Teach computing curriculum: 

Computing systems and networks

Creating Media


Data and information



These strands will drive our curriculum to give children a broad knowledge and understanding of a range of computer programs and uses for technology.


We understand the accessibility opportunities that technology can offer our children and, along with our knowledge rich curriculum, we aim to find a balance to enable children to demonstrate their knowledge in a creative way. We hope by the end of KS2 children will be confident and competent to choose the best technology tool to present and share their learning.


Aspects of the computing curriculum are revisited throughout the year. We encourage staff to embed elements of computing across the curriculum to allow creative outcomes and increase confidence and skills in technology.


Through the use of ‘Be Nice Online’ children will have a clear understanding about correct conduct online, what to do if they feel uncomfortable online and who to talk to. Online safety will be taught to ensure children are aware of the responsibility and consequences of their actions and decisions online. We, as a school, will model positive use of social media through use of our school twitter account and communication on our school website.


Computing Overview

We are proud to be awarded the Certificate of Progression towards the Computing quality mark.

Owlcotes Elements: 'A Healthy Mind and Body'

During their time at Primrose Hill, we want our children to be able to develop a strong understanding of the online world and prepare them for the ever-changing, adapting technology which they will encounter.

Our computing curriculum allows this to happen with consistent teaching of computing units for each year group throughout the year. Planned opportunities for children to do this are very important to the success of this. For 'A healthy body, a healthy mind' children throughout school are explicitly taught how to stay safe online through out e-safety teaching, alongside our e-safety day which occurs every year. Children are encouraged to ask questions and take part in discussions thoughout their computing learning.

We recognise the high importance of preparing our children for their future and keeping themsleves safe online as well as protecting their mental health and welbeing through considered use of social media.

E-safety - Be Nice Online

'Be nice online' is our school's main element for teaching online safety. Every computing lesson, in each year group, starts with a 'Be Nice Online' e-safety scenario which is discussion-led and allows and encourages children to think about actual, real-life examples of what being safe online is. These weekly scenarios are also shared on the school's weekly newsletter. Some examples are below: 


KS1:  Playing games on the internet is not safe. Do you agree?

LKS2: You want to join a website with lots of cool games on but first need to fill in a form giving personal information. What should you do?

UKS2: Someone has created a fake profile of you on a website, full of nasty comments and horrible pictures. What should you do?

Upcoming events

Tuesday 6th Feb 2024 - Safer Internet Day 2024