Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Reading - We have been focusing on non-fiction North America texts as the stimulus for our reading lessons. We have identified the key features of a non-fiction text, located them in a non-fiction text and answered retrieval questions from the text.

PSHE - We spent a lesson looking at gender stereotypes and how they make people feel.

ICT - In our second ICT lesson we have been thinking about how to get our 'bot' or 'turtle' to move by implementing typed code. Using a set of commands we attempted to get the turtle to move where we wanted to on the screen and spell out our initials. We really enjoyed doing this and were very successful!

Geography - We have started our new topic in Geography looking at North America. We explored where North America is using atlases and google maps. We then took to the internet to complete some research on different places in North America. We then had to present our findings to the class and decide if the locations were human or physical geography as a class.

ICT - We have started our unit on coding in ICT and were exploring typing in commands on the FMSLogo application. We began learning about different code inputs and how to communicate with the computer using algorithms.

Maths - Multiplication and Division - We have been using arrays and factor pairs to help with our Multiplication and Division in Maths.