Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Pupil's comments after Raising Aspirations Week


My favourite visitor was the doctor as this is something I might consider if I don’t become a vet.  He was an inspiration- he told me to always be curious , always ask questions to gain more knowledge!


Zak and Aiden

My favourite visitors were the police dog handlers.  I learnt how different dogs were used for different jobs and how they pick up on different scents . Some dogs find money, cash or guns whilst others find missing or injured people in natural disasters. I didn’t realise smaller dogs like Spaniels were used as well as German Shepherd .  I am not sure that I would like to put myself in potentially dangerous situations though.



I’d like to be accountant -I like maths.  I think I am suited to this career.



I liked the talk from Brogan the local baker.  She talked about all aspects of her job including transporting and delivering her products. I haven’t really considered being a baker before but I like baking cakes so this could work for me!  She has a law degree as well as being a businesswoman.



I learnt so much!  I realised that although I want to be a writer there are lots of other careers out there.  I don’t want to be a journalist because I don’t like writing quickly or travelling either.



I want to be a mechanic when I’m older however I was interested in the lawyer talk.  I didn’t know about what lawyers did.  The lawyer discussed how she debates and tries to sort out people's problems out.



I would like to be a designer.  This week helped me have other ideas about other careers which I might be suited to.  I liked how the baker did a degree whilst starting up her own business - that is a sensible thing to do!



I wanted to be an actor but being in the police force sounds exciting even though a little dangerous.  The dog handlers were great- they work hard to form a close bond with their dogs.



I didn’t realise what Bt Open Reach did before.  The female engineer taught us how they work underground to supply fibre to let us use the internet.



I enjoyed the paramedic talk.  I could do this job  because I like helping people. I think it would be hard to keep calm under pressure.  If I went to a road traffic accident, I would find it hard to stay calm. I think there would be good days and bad days in this job.



The NHS staff from the cardiology unit inspired me to think about a job in the medical profession.  I didn’t realise that there were so many different jobs.  I would like to be a heart surgeon one day and save people’s lives.  It opened my mind to a whole world of opportunities…



I want to be a computer programmer.  I have good computer skills already and I am making a game with my brother.  The baker inspired me as she started her own business when she was very young.  Many people doubted her ability but she was determined to succeed.  She overcame problems too!



The dog handlers were inspiring . I liked watching the dog demonstration when it searched for the cash.  I like dogs, I like caring for them and I like the different varied situations I would find myself in. I know it could be dangerous.



Paediatrician-  I think I would like to work with children rather than adults.  Children are more unpredictable and I like it that this job would allow me to specilaise in other jobs like diabetes for example.  I’m undecided whether I would like to do this job, be an astronaut or a travel journalist.



I’m undecided whether I would like to be a doctor or a lawyer.  The lawyer made her job sound interesting and I like how she works with different people.  She talked about different cases, how you need to go to court sometimes and how some cases might be more challenging than others.  You need to be calm under pressure, be independent, be confident and be resilient too!  I have always wanted to be a doctor- this talk was helpful.  He talked about qualifications needed to get into medical school and how biology A level is useful for this career. 



I really want to be a professional rugby player or an ice hockey player.  I realised I could be police dog handler  because I like dogs, I would like to protect people.  I wouldn’t be scared in a dangerous situation. I need to get good GCSE’s, some A levels and possibly a university degree.