Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Focus week - We visited the whole school story in the main hall where each class had displayed their learning for the week. We were incredibly proud to see some of our writing and all of our art work on display!

Focus Week - Looking at Pippa Goodheart's book 'You Choose' and the Story map book we completed a range of activities in Y3W. We explored the You choose space in school, worked on our printing skills to make a space scene and wrote our section of the story where we blasted off to space in either a rocket or a hot air balloon. We loved it!

Artist of the Month - Nicolas Dixon. We have loved exploring this local artist and creating our own work inspired by Nicolas. Two of our class even went to see some of his work locally in Farsley and they loved it!

Geography - To conclude our Geography topic on Earthquakes we were challenged to use wooden blocks to build a structure that would sustain a table earthquake. We choose our material and design and then tested to see which would stand for the longest time. One group even managed 19 seconds!

Maths - We are looking at a unit on money at the moment and we have been working at improving our presentation in Y3W. Look at how fantastic these maths books look with their numbers clearly one per square and in the correct columns!

DT - Gingerbread houses being created. We designed the house then using cardboard boxes and a range of resources followed the plans we had carefully designed to bring our ideas to life. We loved completing this DT project and we look forward to evaluating how successful they were and if we would make any changes soon!

Geography - Where in the world, we are really enjoying our weekly map studying and locating the countries of the world in class!

ICT and Writing - We were using the iPads today to access google classroom and research facts to help us with our Healthy Living reports later in the week.

Super star writers! Well done to these children who have been asked to write up their setting description of the Witch's gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel to be displayed in school! I have been blown away by your handwriting and descriptions!

Art - We used fruit and vegetables as inspiration to practice our drawing skills. Using just our pencils we worked on shading and making objects look 3D from different perspectives. We did a fantastic job!

Writing - We have been studying the story of 'Hansel and Gretel' by Anthony Browne. Today we used our speaking and listening skills to ask each other what we would do, or how we would feel as Hansel, Gretel or the Witch in a range of situations.

PE - Working on developing our ball control skills. We used hockey sticks to move the balls in straight lines, circles, stop and start movement and even in a race!

Geography topic launch - WE HAD AN EARTHQUAKE! We located Earthquake danger zones on a world map as well as the continents and oceans that are on our planet.

Music - This week we have been developing our Glockenspiels skills by learning about new musical vocabulary, listening to notes, repeating rhythms and improvising!