Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Home Learning Week Beginning 3-1-22

Learning through play and first hand experiences both real and pretend, helps children to deepen their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.

Please refer to the overview regarding play and general ideas for create and play, making meaningful marks and sharing stories, on the previous page.  Specific challenges for this week are provided below. 

Please share learning adventures, keep in touch and ask questions through your child's online journal on Tapestry.  You can contact Mrs Alderson and Mrs Ashcroft at 

Rhyme Time

We sing a nursery rhyme every day in nursery, repeating the same rhyme every day.

This week our rhyme is: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

SONGS - Click the link in the text below the image.

Being creative with shapes

Exploring everyday shapes around the home, matching shapes which are the same, a different size but the same shape and different shapes, supports children's mathematical knowledge and understanding.

Here is a shape challenge with Mrs Alderson and Stickman. Click the link below:

Physically Active Learning

Go on a stick hunt.  How many can you collect?  Can you make a stickman character with the sticks?

Can you move about like a stickman?  

Challenges which involve 'fiddly fingers' (moving small objects carefully) help to support children's fine motor control. This helps the development of early writing skills.