Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Geography field trip - This week we visited the Yorkshire coastal town of Filey. During our visit children carried our fieldwork identifying the coastal features we have been learning about in the classroom as well as questioning people to fnd out why people were in Filey and how often they visit. Children had a wonderful day and, of course, we had time to play and build sand castles on the beach.

Science - in science we have been looking at the importance of hygiene. We carried out an investigation over time to look at how cleaning our hands can impact the mould produced on bread. We mostly found that the bread we touched with clean hands took longer to grow mould than the bread we touched with dirty hands.

Geography - we have started our new topic about the seaside. Today we learnt what coast and coastline meant. We used postcards with geographical clues on to locate the seaside towns around the UK map.

We have continued our learning on position and direction with giving others directions. We have focused on the vocabulary of forwards, backwards, left, right, clockwise, anticlockwise, quarter turn, half turn and full turn. We made our own characters and mazes to give others instructions.

In maths, we have begun looking at position and direction. We went outside and listened to instructions to draw shapes in the correct position above, below, to the right and to the left.