Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Buzz Words

These buzz words contain the relevant key words for each tier group from the new National Curriculum (2014). They also contain tier group specific spelling patterns in accordance with the new National Curriculum.

Each of the levels for each year group are named after different wild flowers. The words highlighted in yellow show the words from the key spelling word lists for each year group. If children do not know how to spell the words highlighted in yellow, then they should be supported at home and in school.

Buzz word sessions in school are fun and interactive and allow the children to practise the spelling of the words until they feel confident. Children will be also asked to write sentences using the words so that they have a good understanding of the meaning of the words. They will be tested on their words frequently and if they get most of their list correct they will be moved onto the next level. Please click on the link below to open the document with all the words on so that you can practise with your child. If you need any advice about which level they are on, please contact their class teacher.

Buzz Words Word Lists